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– The definition of “custom” is not, “the most square footage” or “the most lavish”. The definition of custom is, “made or done to order for a particular customer”. DK General Construction & Roofing strives to provide “custom” homes and structures with the highest quality, utilizing the highest industry standards, no matter the scope of the job. For Instance, we recently completed a 1500 square foot home in Tarrant County for a retired couple that was looking to downsize from a 4 bedroom to a 2 bedroom with oversized bedrooms, master bath/closet, living room and kitchen. The home was “custom” and, utilizing the highest standards, was built to exact customer specifications. There is not another home like it in the DFW area. In this industry, “you get what you pay for”. DK General Construction & Roofing has never, and will never utilize the cheapest subcontractors. However, we have utilized the same subcontractors for 15+ years. We will not lower our standards and, “we get it right the first time and we stand behind our finished product”.

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From the foundation to the roof, DK General Construction & Roofing goes above and beyond 90% of builders. The vast majority of our competitors place “profit margin” ahead of quality throughout their projects. This usually starts with the utilization of a “cable-lock” system in their foundations. DK General Construction & Roofing will not utilize this system. During his years as the superintendent of a commercial concrete company, Owner, Danny Clampitt realized very quickly that, while foundation repair companies “love” the cable lock systems, they are subpar systems and only utilized in order to maximize profits. All DK General Construction foundations are engineered, utilizing piers and rebar with exact commercial specifications. A structure is only as good as it’s foundation and we, “get it right the first time”. In today’s market, with rising energy costs, insulation is a key component of your home or structure. We recommend installing foam insulation to all of our customers. The initial cost of the foam insulation products are approximately three times that of the conventional fiber insulation products, however, overall energy usage is drastically reduced and our customers generally see the return on investment in three years or less. The additional savings are then enjoyed for the life of the home or structure. The foundation and insulation of a home or structure are only two, of many, key components that need “to be done right the first time” in order to insure quality and longevity. Unlike the majority of competitors, DK General Construction & Roofing places quality and longevity above profit margin and we, “get it right the first time”.

Roofing Contractor, Roofing, Roof Repair, Roof Ventilation, Remodel, General Contractor / dkroofingtx.com / dkroofingtx.com

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